Sweet heart

Two candy canes form a heart. An old metal grater acts as the base for a simple decoration that can be either hung from a hook or left leaning against the wall.

I like the idea that christmas decorations are not completely separate from their surroundings, that somehow they thematically link to the room they're put in. Hence the grater greets breakfast munchers and dinner guests alike in our kitchen during the holiday season. An old rolling pin would also be a good starting point for a kitchen decorations. A selection of cookie cutters (old and new) is a nice alternative, or a bunch of fragrant cinnamon sticks tied together with twine.

Night wear

Although Christmas comes just once a year, I think christmas sleepwear is a lovely and a bit silly tradition. Christmas sleepwear meaning pj's and nightgowns that echo the colors and sentiments of christmas.

But then again after all the preparations and excitement it's soothing and joyous to switch into a red-and-white pj before slipping between the covers. And if the following day is spent lingering around in pj's or other leisurewear, one certainly matches the decorations, don't you think?!

Little people

I have a little wooden shelf in our living room and it's appropriate for displaying seasonal items.

I used a basic white display frame and glued unbleached linen on a cardboard to make the background. The white letters are made from children's modeling clay (the air-drying variety).

A pair of old decorations catch the eye on the bottom. The wooden dolls are tiny and charmingly chipped.

Oh, and many have asked why I've used the words "God Jul" (Swedish) and not the Finnish equivalent "Hyvää joulua". The reason is purely esthetic! The short words line up nicely and are visually pleasing. Since I love words, there are some scattered around the house. My christmas vocabulary includes English and French, as well. I'll show you more of these, don't worry.