Apple appeal

Today I want to show you a simple, quick to make decorative piece that looks good in the foyer, greeting comers ang goers. It has a bit of that french countryside appeal, I think. I used about 20 little plastic apples and glued them on a bed of sea grass stuffed into a rustic tin container. I like to keep it as simple as that, but you could add ribbon or other trimmings.

Fake apples and other decorations can usually be found in the after christmas sales for a very affordable price.


Sokrutin said...

So cute!
Yksinkertaisen kaunis :)
Tuollainen omppukoriste sopisi meillä lastenhuoneeseen tonttujen joukkoon.

Margie said...

Great tip. I think real apples could be used too. Thank you for sharing this. Hugs, Margie in Ireland.

Anrinko said...

Yksinkertainen on kaunista. =)

Hannelen joulu said...