Red and white

For me Christmas brings the color red into our home. The combination of cranberry red with white is festive, yet nicely fresh. I tried to reproduce the idea of a candy cane and made this rope, garland or whatever you call it. It could be hung on the tree, in front of a window or around a glass jar. (If it feels like I use the same glass jar over and over again in my blog posts, you're onto me! It's all about multi-functional!)

Here's a close up to give you the idea how I made this. Red felting wool lightly needle felted around a felted rope.


Sydämellä said...

Nuo sinun ideasi ovat ihania juuri nytkin virkkaan kärpässieniä ja meinaamme tehdä koirakalenterin ja valkosuklaasta ja ehkä vadelmaa tai neiti haluaa turkinpippuria sinne sekaan saas nähdä.
Kiitos ihanasta kirjasta

Margie said...

That is a wonderful idea,it does look so beautiful and the red colour is the best. I love red and white at this time of year too. Hugs, Margie.

Sokrutin said...

Kiitos jälleen inspiraatiosta ;)

vanamo said...

Hauska idea;)

Riccardo Vasquez said...

Many cultural holiday traditions include placing a lighted candle in front windows to be seen from the outside.Place a candle in any dark window at night. Rather than peering into a dark void, you'll focus on the cheerful flame and feel comforted and uplifted.

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Megan said...

What a great idea! I bet this craft would also look really good on mason jars. Keep up the awesome tips on DIY holiday decorations.